thankful on large leafPeople often ask me what I’ve most enjoyed about writing the Mompowerment book. No question about it the best part, the thing I’m most thankful for, is the women I’ve met on this journey.

Mamas Who Shared their Story

A huge part of that is the amazing professional part-time working moms I interviewed for the book. I couldn’t have done this project without them sharing the nitty gritty details about their lives, their careers, and how they do all the things. The moms I talked to have been so open and willing to share how they manage part-time work and a family, including the struggles they deal with every day, the compromises they make with their partners, and the intimate feelings they have about being working parents. I feel very privileged to be let into their worlds and their lives.

Mompowerment Book Provides an Introduction

I’m also thankful to the many women who I’ve met along the way outside of those I interviewed. I feel so fortunate that this book facilitated an introduction to truly amazing women, who are now accountability partners, experts in complementary fields, fellow women empowering women, and general femme badasses in some way, shape, or form.

Mompowerment Facebook Group

And then there are the tremendous women in my Facebook group. I thank you for hanging out with me, commenting, supporting the book since its launch in late fall, and for your support of other women in the FB group. I appreciate it all more than you will ever know.

So on this week of Thanksgiving, I’m sending a big, heartfelt thank you to all of the moms who have helped with all things Mompowerment. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! May this be a truly enjoyable moment with family and friends.


Want to meet some of the amazing women that I interviewed and that I describe as tremendous? Come hang out with us in the Facebook group. Or if you’re curious about the book and want to read more, get a free download of the Introduction and Chapter 1.