The Book


“I am recommending this to all my friends who are moms who want to stay active in their careers — or make a career switch — and find work/life balance.” — Bev F

When I transitioned to a part-time role in a large company after the birth of our older son, I was asked over and over by working moms about how I made it happen. I was asked by friends and friends of friends and colleagues in the hallway. And friends who work part time are also asked regularly about how the make the professional part-time roles work.

After doing some online research, I realized that there were plenty of moms who wanted to work part time – 47 percent according to Pew Research – but only 25% do. There is a need in the workplace to understand how to stay engaged in your career and be the mom you want to be. And the concept of Mompowerment was born.

“A great book that shares the experiences from other working mothers that have identified ways to reach a work/family balance. The breadth of fields covered by the interviews and book is tremendous.” Jumping4Joy

Mompowerment: Insights from Successful Professional Part-time Working Moms Who Balance Career and Family shares my own experience and advice as well as research with insights, stories, and advice from interviews with 110+ professional part-time working moms. Buy it now on Amazon. (affiliate link)


“Finally a book puts words to how I’ve been feeling since becoming a mom! Mompowerment not only validated all of my feelings but provides rich insight and strategies to deal with the ever-challenging landscape that is balancing work with family.” — Kimberly Davis

While the book is written with the lens of a mom, the advice can apply to anyone interested in a professional part-time role or really any non-traditional career model such as work from home or a job share. The tips, tricks, hacks, and mindset shifts can impact anyone interested in more work-life balance, no matter what that looks like.

It’s available on Amazon in paperback and ebook. For those companies interested in buying many copies for employees, there is a discount for purchased of 10+ books. Email me for more information.