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Are you a company, big or small, that is trying to create new work-life balance initiatives for your employees?

Have your competitors started offering more programs to help their employees with work-life balance and you don’t want to lose your best employees?

Are you’re noticing trends in your retention that you don’t like?

Won’t let the lack of work-life balance initiatives impact your bottom line.

Not sure what to include or how to even get started to create these initiatives and actually make an impact for your employees? Mompowerment can help.


I’ve done extensive research on work-life balance in the marketplace. I’ve done extensive interviews with more than 110 working moms and had hundreds of conversations related to my book. In addition, I’ve held positions in human resources in recruiting, employee relations, and training. Part of my roles in the past included creating and managing change.

Let’s engage employees to understand what they need and want. Let me help you empower your employees on their work-life balance journey so they stay happy, engaged, and productive. Contact me and we can discuss how I can help your company create these opportunities as well.